How to impress HER

shwathaShwetha Upadhya

Today morning when I woke up first thing came to my mind is what to write. Then after 5 minutes of thinking I decided I should start with something which I can associate myself with that is about Girls. There are many theories about girls like they are difficult to understand, their mood swings and many more.. But let me tell you girls are very much simple and easy going human species. All they want in life is to be happy and to be loved. but yeah how they want to be happy and loved is the most complex thing in the world isn’t it. Every girl is different and her dreams and need are different. But yeah there are some things which are common and makes all the girls happy. May be I will name some of them which may help you to impress your family and female friends. And yeah here girls = mother, sister, wife, daughter, girlfriend and friend ….

1.Take them out once in a week to have food outside….

Ladies like to go out and spend some good time, it need not be a bi restaurant , even a small dhaba or a street food is fine. I remember my mother telling me how all used to go out for dinner on Saturday night and how these kind of things makes her happy. When you are a house wife and your world is family and home and kitchen , it will be good if we give break to ladies once in a while so that they can come out of their small world and have quality time.


2.Have a night walk….

I have seen few of my friends who are married and live in joint families don’t get any private time to talk to their husband. Just a small walk on road in front of the house or on terrace can be a good solution for it. Just you and her and sky. Its so romantic isn’t it. These are the memories you will cherish lifelong.


3.Cook for her …

Yes cook for her… Anything even maggie is absolutely fine. This small act by you will make her feel she is special for you. and the happiness you could see in her eyes can just make your day. Learn cooking for her it will give her the feel you can do anything for her. I have seen my aunts feeling happy when their son cook for them. They feel proud.

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4.Travel with her…

Take them for vacation. Away from the city, away from people, see places with her explore it. trust me this act of yours will surely make her happy. As i said earlier here girl is need not be just a girlfriend… it can be your mom sister any female you are associated with… its a rainy season take them to malenadu… western ghat… and trust me it will be a beautiful memories capture it your camera..


5.Listen to her..

The best give anyone can give to anyone in this world is giving their time. how much ever you are tired just spend at least 10 minutes with them before you start your Tv,laptop or any other stuffs. Just listen to them… I am sure they will be eagerly waiting just to share their day.. or anything.



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