It was almost evening and I was done with all house hold chores. I just wanted to relax a bit before my husband comes from work.
I made a cup of coffee myself and switched on the TV. I was happy to see a kannada celebrity who had become famous after her debut movie, giving auditions for MTV roadies rising. Seeing her , I decided not to change the channel. The audition was really entertaining until Rannvijay one of the judges of the show asked her, “u have written in the form that u have been sexually abused.. is that true?” and I was shocked when she said “yes”!! .. I was really disturbed to hear that when she told about her and another story of her friend being sexually abused..
Images of rashmi, my childhood frnd flashed before my eyes..
rashmi was my neighbor. We were 12 I guess. We used to play together daily evening,unless it was summer vacation..because ,during summer, I was sent to summer camp and rashmi was sent to her uncle’s place. Me and my sister loved going to summer camp while as rashmi would cry and create fuss saying that she doesn’t wana go to her uncle’s home. We were kids back then, we dint care much about this, we just thought that she gets bored in her uncle’s home.. or she is just home sick. Rashmi would cry daily while her mom tried to drop her to uncle’s home, on the way to her office. This continued until one day rashmi’s mom found some nail marks on rashmi’s body. She was shocked to realize what was happening to her own daughter. But it was too late for her to realize. Rashmi had entered a state of depression. She never came out of her home. She was scared of all men, including her father and grandfather. weird rumors started spreading about her in our colony. Her mother could not even standup for her daughter. She felt so helpless and was scared to share this with her husband or inlaws.. she finally decided to kill her daughter and kill herself too………
I can never ever forget this incident.. the innocent face of Rashmi pops up wenever I hear these types of stories.. what did she even do so that she got such a cruel punishment?? Neither she wore short dresses.. nor flirt with guys… nor attended any late night parties.. she dint booze nor she was on drugs!! But still she was sexually abused.. brutally killed by her own mother.. !!
A survey says that most of the gals are sexually abused by the person they know.. it really makes me feel so bad. Why are people like this? What is the reason that they cant see the innocent face of those girls, instead all they can see is something else.
What can we do to stop all these things? How can I protect myself, protect my daughter?? How can I even trust anyone? How can I let my little princess play with her friends all by herself? How can I be sure that any guy is not “Rashmi’s uncle?”
I want answers.. mothers like me get tensed even if their daughter is 5 mins late to home. We cant just trust the auto driver,bus driver, our neighbors..for that matter ANYONE!!
We are in the world where words like “trust” and “belief” has lost its meaning!!
As a normal citizen, as a daughter, as a mother, a your neighbor.. I always have 1 question in mind….
“HOW CAN WE STOP THIS?????????????????”
In search of answers…………

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