This stencil artist from north Karnataka is talk of the social media

Hi Kumar Sthavaremath?
Hi Bro

Where are you from kumar?
I’m from Mudhol

What have done?
I have completed my B Com

What are you doing now?
I’m currently looking for a Job

How did you feel that you should draw using black markers rather than the normal artwork?
I wanted to be different from others & the pencil sketch was too mainstream hence I started it

From when did you start these works?
I don’t remember the date exactly, It’s been approximately 1.5 years

Which artist do you like the most?
No one in particular, I like every artists, specially Chethan Hosmane, Madan C P, Sushrutha Delampady

You are known for your 100 sketches project, tell us about this
I started this to bring the hidden talents to limelight by drawing their portrait, So that they get enough support in near future

What are your hobbies?
Art, Art n Art!

Which Social media do you prefer, FB or Instagram?
Instagram, as I got to see more artists, Learn, Get suggestions here

Did you ever feel like stopping the artwork?
Never, I do it until my last breath

Do you charge for your works?
Wish I can, but there are very few who will pay

What are the suggestions will you give for upcoming artists?
Draw until you feel you’re happy with your work, Take suggestions from co-artists if possible

What are the materials you use for your drawing?
Micron, Artline markers (0.3mm 0.5mm) mainly & other stationeries like Pencil, Eraser

Do you take Commission works?
Yes, People can ping to +91 9945136143 in order to place an order

Do let us know your social media handles?

Facebook :https://tinyurl.com/ycbnan5f
Instagram : https://tinyurl.com/y9ndl72o

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