This self-taught artist from karnataka is stealing hearts of art lovers through digital art

Where are you from, Which is your native?
Born in Hassan brought up in Pandavapur (Mandya)

What is your qualification?
I have completed my Bachelors in Agricultural biotechnology

What are you doing now?
Professionally I work as Research fellow in Department of Forestry, Agricultural college, Hassan
For my passion I do some Illustration, Graphic design

More than for your profession, we know you for your passion, Since when did you start doing illustration & design?
Hehe, I started it from July 2017 but I was keenly observing prior

Are you in relationship?
Lol, no

Did you go for any designing/Art class?
No, I’m self taught designer

How long did you take to learn?
Two months approximately, It’s all about tools you learn rest is your CREATIVITY

Which are the soft wares you use for designing?
I use adobe soft wares like Illustrator, Photoshop & after effects

Mac or PC?
I feel Mac is best as it is known for smoother functioning compared to windows.

How was it possible for you to learn designing in a shorter period?
I was a keen observer of Designs, Colors since my childhood hence it was not necessary for me to learn about designs, I just took time to get familiarised with tools used in designing soft wares & few keyboard shortcuts.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
To be frank, I say my parents were my model as a kid, Now I admire these personalities

  1. K. Laxman, Satish Acharya, Raghupati Sringeri in cartooning.

In designing Ranganath Krishnamani, Owen davey, Mark conlon, Aditya Dhotre, Saptarshi Prakash, Ani harityunyan, Cami, list goes on !

What kind of colors you like Bright/light?
Light, to be in particular I like rusty retro colors

Since when did you start designing?
July 2017

You are known for your ‘Typography of places in Karnataka’, ‘49daysOfKannadakshara’ & few other projects like ‘Old Monk Rum’, ‘Swami Vivekananda, etc.,’ say about these

* Just by a thought I decided to Typography of places in Karnataka by replacing place’s speciality in one/two of it’s spelling.

* 49daysOfKannadashara was started by getting inspired from two other projects named ‘30daysOfMalayalamLetters’ from Kerala Designers & ‘47daysOfDevanagariScript’ from North Indian designers. I used to spend about two hours daily for designing each alphabet for up to 49 days

* Swami Vivekananda’s illustration was done to remember the day he represented Hinduism at the parliament of World’s religion ie., Sept 11

You forgot to say about Old Monk Rum, do you booze are you a fan of OMR ?

I don’t booze, I did it when it’s founder Kapil Mohan passed away

What are your other hobbies?

I read Novels, Science Journals, Comic books & Collect Coins which are minted representing Special personalities, Event

What are your suggestions for amateur designers?

Even I’m an amateur designer, not pro yet. I suggest them to keep consistency in designing, do more of experimental design, play with colors, they should do more personnel projects which interests them because they won’t be in limitations of clients viz, Time, Colors & complete design sometimes.

Instagram or Facebook & Why?

Instagram, no other reasons I like it’s UI, UX

Do you take design orders?

Yes I do take

How can people get connected with you? Can I know your social media handles

Facebook : www.facebook.com/dhanushshettyss

Instagram :  www.instagram.com/_dhanushshetty

Behance :  www.behance.com/dhanushshetty
Here are few of his art works

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