A small introduction about music director of ‘Steya’

Tell us about yourself
Myself Arvind from Bangalore.. A passionate musician.. Am a pianist.. have done my schooling in Little flower public school n PES college.. am much interested in movies n music from my childhood.. I work as a music teacher in an institute.. I have trained for nearly 50-60 students in Bangalore… have done couple of short movies excluding steya and couple of TV commercials too.. am much interested in the technology and the latest gadgets which keeps me engaged most of the time.. i love to play with the technology most of the time.. am a hardcore pc gamer.. love to travel, explore, experiment on everything I find my interest in… and am a foodie too..

I love to listen the world music and am very much interested in Symphony style.. am trained in western classical.. my inspiration and role model is Dr.AR Rahman sir… I spent my childhood listening to his songs… The most inspiring thing ABT this is the magic he brings when music and technology fuses together.. music as no limits nor barrier so am open to any style in it.. i thank everyone who kept me supporting me and still supporting and encouraging me.. spread love..

Interesting, isn’t it? This movie is going to be released on 29th of this october .(Sunday). Book your tickets here

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